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May 7, 2008

More Superhero Goodies From Marvel Studios [Wolverine and The X-Men]

Days of Future Past Cover

Marvel’s superhero lovefest with its fans is on the rise. Not only do we get news earlier this week that a slew of Marvel properties will be hitting theaters in the not to distant future, Marvel plans to introduce a new animated series entitled Wolverine and The X-Men. It’s slated for a summer 2009 release on the Nicktoons network.

The trailer alone looks amazing (full of Sentinels, Magneto, The Hulk!, Dust?!) and the storylines are ripped from some of the more classic X-Men archs of all-time, including Days of Future Past, which is one of my favorite John Byrne storylines.

The one problem I have with this trailer are the circumstances revolving around who’s leading the team. It seems that Wolverine is team leader, and of course, that doesn’t jibe with how things work in the pages of The Uncanny X-Men. It doesn’t even go along with the movies. So what gives?

I’m figure the folks over at Marvel recognize the star power of Wolverine, coming off the recent movies and what is sure to be a blockbuster next summer, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I’m guessing that star power influenced the animated series’ title but I don’t much like the idea. The tension between Wolverine and Cyclops over leadership, let alone over Jean Grey, is part of what makes the comics gritty. Plus, Wolverine’s personna is naturally everything a leader is not. Not as OMFG and LOL as this though. We shall see truebelievers. We shall see.



  1. I’m a little out of the comic loop, but I do have feelers out. As far as Wolvie leading the team, it’s possible they are taking that from the latest incarnation of X-force, in which at the time I saw it, he was leading. They blend storylines all of the time, so the toon won’t be much different(I hope) than the much loved 90’s version or the 2K version that was on WB. Nicktoons, though? That, I worry about.

    Comment by Roddykat — May 8, 2008 @ 11:12 pm | Reply

  2. I know but Wolvie is better for me when he’s butting heads with “One-Eye”. Speaking of Cyclops, I read he is a character in the upcoming Wolverine movie. Lot of superfolk in that too, including Deadpool.

    Comment by funkdigital — May 9, 2008 @ 1:50 pm | Reply

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