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June 17, 2008

T-Minus Ten Minutes Before The Internets Break [Firefox 3]

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I’m emailing this from my bunker located 30 stories below street level under tons of reinforced, ready mix Home Depot concrete. I’ll be living off canned collard greens for a minute. God help us.

So, the geniuses at Mozilla want to break a world record for the most downloads in a day or something. Have we considered that they may just break the internet for the average schmoes out here?

Regardless, I’ll be downloading. Firefox 3 is a great improvement over Firefox 2, especially on the Mac side. Firefox 3 beta have been far ahead when comes to speediness compared to the current version. The bookmarking tools are sweet also. Internet Explorer 8, be damned.

Webmonkey has a great piece on the changes that will make you deem this download an absolute necessity.

The open-source web browser is the fastest and most secure version of Firefox yet. Significant improvements have been made to the way it uses your computer’s resources, so the memory leaks and other performance problems found in Firefox 2 have been stamped out. Text and image rendering have also been improved, and the underlying code for Gecko, the engine that draws the actual web pages on the screen, has been updated. There are also heaps of useful features that have been added for both power users and newcomers alike.

Lifehacker present The Top 10 Firefox Features.

UPDATE: Firefox is down. Epic FAIL.


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