Geek In The Ghetto

May 21, 2008

Kanye West—G Shock Event Vid [Geek Music]

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This is just Kanye being Kanye. Performing Can’t Tell Me Nothing with live fembots/Barbarellas. Very trippy scene and slightly NSFW.

Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing


May 14, 2008

Cyclists Take To LA Freeway, Beat Traffic [Geek]

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This is just bananas. I don’t know how these cats don’t get mowed down, but anywhoo.

March 27, 2008

Why Geek In The Ghetto?

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I have a few insights, I suspect, on how technology is and is not being used by black folks, the disenfranchised, urban dwellers and Americans in general. I hope to impart my perspective, which is probably not all that unique, with the blogosphere.

Not sure if I technically qualify as a geek but I’ve written basic on a TRS-80 so you decide. I hope to breed little black geeks someday, too. We’ll be connected to the world and each other on the latest iPhone, read X-men back issues online, torrent BSG and camp out beneath the stars at ultimate geek shrine…The Apple Store.

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