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June 16, 2008

Samsung Instinct: No Comparison [iPhone 3G]

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Goatberg does an excellent job, as usual, summing up why many of the iPhone imitators, like the new Samsung Instinct, are falling short of the iPhone:

If you’re a devoted Sprint customer, or want to avoid AT&T, the Instinct is an OK choice. But it’s no iPhone.

Samsung’s Instinct Doesn’t Ring True As an iPhone Clone — Wall Street Journal


June 3, 2008

Apple Needs To Worry About ANDROID [Google Android]

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If the cream-worthy updates to the highly anticipated new iPhone are going to be GPS, 3G, an App Store and some UI tweeks, Apple is going to have some serious barriers in reaching it’s 10 million sold mark.

The more I see the possible feature set for the upcoming ANDROID phones, the more I realize Apple is going to be in a world of hurt. Granted, iPhones are pretty sweet. The interface is like butter. I can’t go back to regualr voicemail and being able to efficiently access my email and the web has been great, but Google is doing some great things with their open source ANDROID platforms. Check out these vids…

A few things Apple can do with the iPhone

  1. Release a slew of phones with varying features. Think Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch—the distinct line of iPods on the market. Each would have it’s own set of features and hardware feel.
  2. Allow developers more freedom with the code. ANDROID is open source for a reason. Developers are gonna eat it up.
  3. Subsidize the phone. Sell a model at $200 or less.
  4. Build a enterprise superphone and leverage your partnership with Microsoft for it’s Exchange product to compete with RIM’s Blackberry.

May 9, 2008

Live Mobile TV for Apple Fanboys [iPhone]

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Orb for iPhone

Live TV via iPhone

AT&T launched its “live” mobile TV solution this May. Engadget has nifty demo of the functionality. It looks pretty sweet, but for the most part, it’s not live. Many of the broadcasts are time-shifted. Take a peek at Engadget’s assessment of the service here. Besides, it’s only available on a few phones like the new LG Vu. however there’s been speculation all over the Internets that AT&T TV service will be available to iPhone 2.0 junkies and possibly current iPhone users via an upgrade.

What’s a iPhone user to do right now. Well one option is live TV streaming via Orb. Having tried out Orb with my Xbox 360 I’ll co-sign on its merits. Now with your jailbroken iPhone you can stream from your home setup to your iPhone. Provided, you’ll need a TV tuner card and Orb’s Installer app. For complete instructions on how, head over here.

May 7, 2008

Late Pass: Is Buying a Zune All That Crazy? [Gadgets]

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Zune Tool

Yeah. He’s a tool, but is the Zune that bad?

I’m fine with my iPhone and I’ve had several iPods. Let’s just say, I’m an Apple fanboy. There. Said it. On last night’s The Colbert Report, Colbert intimates that if George Bush wants to make himself look even crazier than he is—and help out John McCain—he should buy a Zune.

Is the Zune all that bad? Having never used one, I wonder how it measures up to the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Recent developments have Microsoft pulling in a few TV with NBC networks,  Turner Broadcasting, and Viacom, including Comedy Central (Mr. Colbert’s network).

Seriously, it can sync wirelessly with your PC. The top of the line Zune 80 has an 80 gig harddrive. It streams to Xbox 360. Lastly, the Zune has an FM radio, which I wouldn’t use much, but some would enjoy. So, is the Zune all that crazy.

May 6, 2008

In The Wild—BlackBerry 9000 [Phones]

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Blackberry 9000

I mean so far it looks alright, but RIM is simply looking over its shoulder. The 3G iPhone if/when released may put a cramp in their earnings, and RIM knows it.

May 5, 2008

AT&T KOs Free Wifi For iPhone Users [iPhone]

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Well like I said they would, AT&T swifltly dispatched it’s free iPhone wifi access. I’m guessing it had something to do with users being able to spoof Mobile Safari on their laptops thus allowing laptop users to surf for free. Easy come easy go.

May 2, 2008

Could This Be The Next iPhone?

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Calling Bull

These guys are speculating that these could very well be pictures of the new 3G iPhone. Techies are predicting the phone could be released as early as July. That may be so, but I don’t think this is it. If it were, we’d have video of it up on Youtube by now, and I doubt Apple is this careless anyway.

Happy to say, I was correct. These photos are fakes. It only took a day or so.

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