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May 12, 2008

Eric Stoltz Joins Caprica Cast [Caprica]

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Caprica City

Sci-Fi Wire reports that Eric Stoltz will join the cast of the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica.

Alessandra Toressani also has come aboard the NBC Universal Cable Studios-produced Caprica. Stoltz will play Daniel Graystone, a wealthy computer engineer who, after an emotionally crippling family tragedy, uses his technological wizardry to forever change the future of Caprica. Toressani plays Daniel’s daughter, Zoe.


May 7, 2008

Late Pass: Is Buying a Zune All That Crazy? [Gadgets]

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Zune Tool

Yeah. He’s a tool, but is the Zune that bad?

I’m fine with my iPhone and I’ve had several iPods. Let’s just say, I’m an Apple fanboy. There. Said it. On last night’s The Colbert Report, Colbert intimates that if George Bush wants to make himself look even crazier than he is—and help out John McCain—he should buy a Zune.

Is the Zune all that bad? Having never used one, I wonder how it measures up to the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Recent developments have Microsoft pulling in a few TV with NBC networks,  Turner Broadcasting, and Viacom, including Comedy Central (Mr. Colbert’s network).

Seriously, it can sync wirelessly with your PC. The top of the line Zune 80 has an 80 gig harddrive. It streams to Xbox 360. Lastly, the Zune has an FM radio, which I wouldn’t use much, but some would enjoy. So, is the Zune all that crazy.

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