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May 22, 2008

Niko Bellic Not Getting His Due? [GTA IV]

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How can you blame this guy for speaking out? Michael Hollick is the voice behind anti-hero Niko Bellic, from the blockbuster game Grand Theft Auto IV. The New York Times details Hollick supposed obscurity even though he has appeared in a few Law and Order eps. I wouldn’t call that obscurity by any means. It’s all about being a struggling actor in New York City.

The real story is about the money. Hollick was paid $100,000 for his work but he and others are fighting forresiduals. The video game industry has surpassed the movie industry in terms of revenue, but the voice talent do not receive more than the day rate for their work, not the residuals that movie, TV, and radio actors receive. Hollick blames his union for the discrepency. Read more


May 5, 2008

What I Learned Today [Daily Roundup]

ATL chix like to intimidate old ladies on the subway by spazzin’ out off Soulja Boy lyrics.

Shorties beat each other’s tiny brains out UFC style in the streets of Jamaica and dance like they have MS.

This guy is a true buzz kill. It’s a comic! Easy.

The final cylon could be Starbuck’s Mark II ship which is total crap because we all know its Galactica itself that’s the final cylon.

Amy Winehouse is still a brilliant crackhead but won’t be singing the James Bond theme for the next flick.

Dreams die hard. Not for this guy however. He gave it all up for a game called BulletBall.

Wiretapping is EXTREMELY easy.

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