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June 5, 2008

Arrgh! Top 10 Most Pirated Shows on BitTorrent [Piracy]

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No surprise, BSG is the #2 most downloaded. Funny, I don’t watch anything else on the list, including lost.

Top Downloads May 25 – June 01via TorrentFreak

Ranking TV-show
1 (1) Lost
2 (5) Battlestar Galactica
3 (new) The Daily Show
4 (new) The Colbert Report
5 (new) So You Think You Can Dance
6 (new) Top Chef
7 (new) The Tudors
8 (new) Men in Trees
9 (new) The Ultimate Fighter
10 (new) Greek

May 12, 2008

XBMC Beta for Mac [XBMC]

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Xbox Media Center, the open source effort that extends the capabilities of the O.G. Xbox, has been released for Mac in beta. Lifehacker has the scoop. Personally, I have yet to explore the full capabilities of Front Row, but I still wouldn’t mind giving XBMC a spin for comparison sake. Download the latest beta here.

What’s so great about XBMC you ask? Well, imagine utilizing the interface of Apple TV without paying one dime. You can run this software on any Mac running Leopard OS X and stream all of you media to the idiot box of choice. Play most video formats, saved DVD, your music and slideshows, all on your TV. The only issue I’m going to have is that I move my Macbook around so much that it’s not exactly a set top device like an Apple Tv or a Mac Mini. Time for a new Mac maybe :).

May 9, 2008

Live Mobile TV for Apple Fanboys [iPhone]

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Orb for iPhone

Live TV via iPhone

AT&T launched its “live” mobile TV solution this May. Engadget has nifty demo of the functionality. It looks pretty sweet, but for the most part, it’s not live. Many of the broadcasts are time-shifted. Take a peek at Engadget’s assessment of the service here. Besides, it’s only available on a few phones like the new LG Vu. however there’s been speculation all over the Internets that AT&T TV service will be available to iPhone 2.0 junkies and possibly current iPhone users via an upgrade.

What’s a iPhone user to do right now. Well one option is live TV streaming via Orb. Having tried out Orb with my Xbox 360 I’ll co-sign on its merits. Now with your jailbroken iPhone you can stream from your home setup to your iPhone. Provided, you’ll need a TV tuner card and Orb’s Installer app. For complete instructions on how, head over here.

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