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May 5, 2008

Men & Their Video Games [Gaming]

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Epic Fail

A well meaning female writer over at Baller Status has posted an essay/call to arms regarding “grown ass men” and their/our obsession with video games.  The author, La’Juanda Knight, writes, referring to Grand Theft Auto IV…

Due to this recent release of the game, I have came [sic] up with a few things that men do in order to insure that they will be able to play the video game, as well as some consequences of him owning the game.

She then goes on to essentially list off her reasons why video games are a waste of time. According to La’Juanda, it’s nothing but time that should be spent with the gamer’s s/o. This sounds like a personal beef with her own s/o and that’s understandable. What La’Juanda isn’t getting is that time the gamer spends away from his wifey/gf may have more to do with her own relationship and not necessarily have anything to do with gaming. Plus, many women think doing anything that doesn’t involve them, such as… oh ANYTHING, is less time spent listening to them bitch and moan. Peep the article here.


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