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June 17, 2008

T-Minus Ten Minutes Before The Internets Break [Firefox 3]

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I’m emailing this from my bunker located 30 stories below street level under tons of reinforced, ready mix Home Depot concrete. I’ll be living off canned collard greens for a minute. God help us.

So, the geniuses at Mozilla want to break a world record for the most downloads in a day or something. Have we considered that they may just break the internet for the average schmoes out here?

Regardless, I’ll be downloading. Firefox 3 is a great improvement over Firefox 2, especially on the Mac side. Firefox 3 beta have been far ahead when comes to speediness compared to the current version. The bookmarking tools are sweet also. Internet Explorer 8, be damned.

Webmonkey has a great piece on the changes that will make you deem this download an absolute necessity.

The open-source web browser is the fastest and most secure version of Firefox yet. Significant improvements have been made to the way it uses your computer’s resources, so the memory leaks and other performance problems found in Firefox 2 have been stamped out. Text and image rendering have also been improved, and the underlying code for Gecko, the engine that draws the actual web pages on the screen, has been updated. There are also heaps of useful features that have been added for both power users and newcomers alike.

Lifehacker present The Top 10 Firefox Features.

UPDATE: Firefox is down. Epic FAIL.


June 4, 2008

Would Obama Presidential Victory Signal Death Of Old Media? [Obama]

Barack is My Homeboy

Last night I was eagerly awaiting a tweet from one of my new friends on the social messaging service Twitter. I had recently begun following the daily snapshots from this friend’s life.

I was waiting for a tweet from BarackObama declaring victory in the Democratic nominations. As if somewhat of tweet afterthought, that message arrived sometime after 9:30 PM EST.

Expecting something like “Can Haz 2118!! Ceiling Cat Defeats Billary.” Instead, it read “IN St Paul, MN speaking after securing the nomination. Watch the speech live on TV tonight…”. How insanely casual “We Win. You Lose.” is that?

In this age, where many of us spend so much time online creating our own social ecosystems, hallmark moments are being played out on the web. Many of us get the bulk of our news online, whether its via blogs or shocking video captured on Youtube. Old media front page headlines have been replaced with minute-by-minute updates from RSS feeds, tweets and online word of mouth—social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook or Friendfeed.

Should word that Obama clinched the nomination be any different? I got the first official word from Digg and saw his victory speech on here. Not once did I turn on my TV or open a paper.

Wired details how Senator Barack Obama leveraged the Internet to draw attention to his campaign and raise significantly more money that Senator Hillary Clinton.

Obama owes his victory to the internet. He used the web more effectively than any prior national candidate, harnessing its organizing power to vault over party favorite Hillary Clinton and become the first black presumptive presidential nominee. With an enormous internet-driven donor base of 1.5 million people, more than 800,000 of whom have accounts on Obama’s social networking website, Obama is the first internet candidate to win mainstream success.

May 21, 2008

Giving Away 20 Evernote Invites [Evernote]

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Evernote is one of the more versatile apps I’ve used recently and I want to share it. It’s a beta application that Ars Technica describes it as a “backup for your brain”. That sounds about right considering there are so many ways one can send web clips, notes and even dictation to Evernote. The service/app allows you to send notes via Web, Phone or Desktop app. Best of all, you can synchronize all of your clips.

It sounds alot like, but it’s more…

I have 20 invites I want to give away. Leave a comment below if you’d like an invite to the beta. For more on Evernote, peep the vid below.

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